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Game: PONG

Aim: Break the bricks, score points

Use your mouse or tap in the white bar to move the paddle horizontally to bounce the ball up the screen. Answer questions when you break the white bricks, score big points with the yellow bricks.

Your final score is based on correct answers, bricks broken and time taken.

Count up in steps of 7
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PONG game to practice
'Count up in steps of 7' for 3rd grade

Count up in steps of 7

Counting in steps of 7 means adding 7 to a number each time you count. This is a great way to practice your addition skills and learn about patterns. When you count in steps of 7 from 0, you are also finding the numbers in the 7 times table. Look at the boxes below.

0 (this is our starting point)

0 + 7 = 7 (we've added 7 to 0)

7 + 7 = 14 (another 7 added to make 14)

14 + 7 = 21 (another 7 added to make 21)

You can continue adding 7 to the last number to build up the 7 times table.

This topic requires you to supply the missing number in lists that count up in steps of 7. There is one missing number in each list. Some of the missing numbers are in the middle of the lists, some are at the end. The lists count up as far as 70. An example question is:

21, 28, ▢, 42, 49 : answer = 35

The answer is 35 because 28 + 7 = 35 (and 42 - 7 = 35).

Related topics

With our Pong math game you will be practicing the topic "Count up in steps of 7" from 3rd grade / Counting / In steps of 7. The math in this game consists of 15 questions that ask you to count up in steps of 7 through 50 using whole numbers.

This is our version of the classic early computer game "Breakout" (itself a development of the even earlier "Pong" game - we prefer that name) where a player controls a bar that knocks a ball or puck around the screen.

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In our version of Pong/Breakout, there are 3 types of bricks for you to break: green bricks are worth just 2 points; yellow bricks are worth a whopping 50 points; breaking white bricks, which are worth 10 points, wins you a math question from the topic you have chosen.

You start with 5 lives. If the ball goes below the paddle, you lose a life and 200 points. The game ends when you answer all 10 questions or lose all your lives.


  1. This version of Pong is a one player game to learn or revise math
  2. Our PONG for math is a scoring game - play a few times and set a personal best score!
  3. Addictive! You may end up trying to avoid the white bricks so that you can play for longer...
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How to play PONG to practice
'Count up in steps of 7' for 3rd grade

Free Math Games screenshot of Pong game for elementary

  1. Select the PONG game from the games selection page.
  2. On the settings page there are brief instructions on how to play.
  3. Click on PLAY to enter the game screen.
  4. The clock starts when the bell rings.
  5. Move your mouse (or finger tap or drag in the white bar for touch screens) to move your paddle left and right.
  6. Knock the ball back up the screen to break the bricks.
  7. You start with 1000 points and 5 lives.
  8. You lose 1 point every 2 seconds.
  9. 200 points are deducted from your score for each life lost
  10. Green bricks score 2 point, yellow bricks score 50 points, white bricks score 10 points and open the question screen.
  11. For each question click/tap on the correct answer or enter it using the keyboard.
  12. Wrong answers lose you 25 points but correct answers win you 50 points.
  13. Continue breaking bricks and answering questions until you have cleared all the question bricks.
  14. The game also ends if you lose all 5 of your lives.
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