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We gratefully acknowledge the help of the following wonderful people in helping us to complete the first part of this project. It wouldn't have happened without you!

  • Ryder Gourdeau
    Our topics consultant for both primary and secondary math.
    See for details of Ryder's tutoring company.
  • Tilda
    Game developer, topic creator, topic tester
  • Zoe Lummis
    Zoe is a math teacher who tested our early beta site with the kind help of her boys.
  • The following children kindly helped with the topic and game testing
    Oskar, Ralph, Oscar, Arthur, Loz, Eva, Georgia, Oscar James, Bridget.

If you inform us of a significant error in a topic or module, or you suggest changes or improvements to a topic or module that we implement, we will happily include you in our thank you list. This can include a link to your school website or your (math related) blog if you wish.

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