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4 IN A ROW game

Four in a row is similar to the paper game "noughts and crosses" but we have changed it into a one person math learning / revision game. The aim of the game is to win 4 cells in a row from a grid of 16 cells.

Large thumbnail for math game Four in a row

The game will reinforce the math you have chosen to learn by getting you to match the question to the correct answer.

Screenshot of the Sow grow game for learning and practicing elementary math online


  • Do the elementary lessons for your topic before playing this game
  • Wrong answers are ok, you just have to try again until you get them right
  • There is help available for all games by clicking the question mark button

How to play 4 in a row

Free Math Games screenshot of 4 in a row game to learn elementary math

  1. Select "4 in a row" on the math games selection page.
  2. Take a quick look at the method text for 4 in a row.
  3. Click on PLAY to proceed, or change your topic with the CHANGE TOPIC button.
  4. On the play page you have a grid of 16 pictures (some topic picture are shown multiple times for shorter topics).
  5. Click on a picture cell.
  6. The topic question will appear along with a series of possible answers.
  7. Click the speaker icon to hear any particular answer (Speech enabled browsers only).
  8. Click the answer that corresponds to the picture question.
  9. If you are correct, the picture will be replaced by a tick - otherwise, a wrong sound will play.
  10. Continue matching picture questions to their correct answers until you have completed a line of 4 cells.
  11. The line can be diagonal as well as horizontal or vertical.
  12. 4 ticks in a row wins the game.
  13. Choose an option from the green sign, or click on games to choose a different game.

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